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Try Pottily if you:

*Live in an apartment
*Work long or unpredictable hours
*Wish to avoid carpet, floor and furniture mistakes
*Have limited mobility
*Are potty training new dogs or puppies
*Have an older or injured dog
*Wish to avoid taking your pet out late at night, in the rain
*Are fed up with cleaning up after artificial grass and pee pads

Pottily uses hydroponically grown real grass that naturally attracts dogs and encourages them to relieve themselves. The grass absorbs urine and breaks down odors, making it a clean solution for indoor use. Solid waste is easily removed and disposed of, similar to outdoor potty habits.

Maintaining your Pottily is simple. Water it once or every 2 days to keep the grass from drying out. Remove and dispose of solid waste.

We recommend replacing your Pottily every 1-4 weeks depending on the size of your pet and how frequently the grass pee pad is being used.
We have plans offering delivery every weekevery (2) weeksevery (3) weeks and every (4) weeks.
Switching between plans is easy once you get a better sensing of how long it lasts for your pet.

For dogs hesitant to use Pottily, we recommend patience and positive reinforcement. Most dogs naturally adapt to Pottily with time. If you encounter persistent issues, please contact our customer service for tips and support.

We do our very best during quality checks to make sure there are no bugs in the grass. However, as this is real grass, there may be some that slip through the cracks. Simply use some home remedies like dish washing soap and water and spray over the grass to repel and eliminate them.

f your order arrived damaged or incorrect items, please reach out to our customer service so that we may remedy the situation as soon as possible.

On the off chance that you see a bug in the grass, we recommend spraying it with some dish soap and water. This is because our grass is a living plant that is grown outdoors.

Absolutely! You can do so on your account or by letting us know via chat!